MapDataLAB helps you to understand & grow your business more intimately.

We believe that geography and location data play a huge part for a business to understand itself, its customers, the available resources, and the subtle opportunities that appear on a detailed & analyzed map. Being committed to finding a way to help businesses navigate their way to growth and profit, we’ve spent months researching and chalking up ways to find a robust answer to the questions every growth-focused business faces when they analyze their spatial data.

What is MapDataLAB?

MapDataLAB is a comprehensive data analytics platform built to help businesses make the most of their spatial or location-based data, which ultimately leads to better decisions, better customers and better business.

Here’s what MapDataLab brings to the table:

Seamless Data Upload & Visualization

The moment you upload your location-based business data, we make sure it gets arranged on your map beautifully, without a hitch.

Classify Your Data

Your data shouldn't just be points on a map. It should be depicted in ways that drive insight and decisions. MapDataLAB can make that happen.

A Hand-Crafted Rich Dataset Library

MapDataLAB is inspired & built by a team of experienced geo-analysts who have curated & created a large quantity of extremely-detailed data layers on aspects including population, infrastructure penetration, urbanization and more.

Our Affordable Plans


  • Number of Maps per User 10
  • Number of Users 1
  • OSM Data
  • Uploadable layers per map 2


  • Number of Maps per User 25
  • Number of Users 1
  • OSM Data
  • Uploadable layers per map 5

Coming Soon

  • Number of Maps per User 100
  • Number of Users 10
  • OSM Data
  • Uploadable layers per map 10

There’s more. A lot more.

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